Cerulean Sanctorium

  • 32kmĀ² = 8192 x 8192 tiles
  • 35k animals (Expanding) / 40% Aggressive
  • Dedicated PvE Starter Areas, PvP, and all other play styles accepted
  • Large & Small Islands, and Small continents
  • Treasure Chests
    • May Contain Seril, Adamantite, Glimmer Steel, among other things
  • All 4 kingdoms have a start area, but players are encouraged to venture out and explore and setup thier own place
  • All religions, kingdoms, and meditation paths welcome
  • A place for new and expereince players
  • Community development encouraged via citizens
  • Join us today!

Starter Towns - Stay safe in our gated PvE Communities

Guards on all Beginner Settlements for your protection.
Bartender available for food, and a fountain for water needs.
All settlements have a mine with Iron exposed.
Beds for sleeping (Sleep bonus)
Forges, Stoves, and other amenities available for crafting usage.
Public Storage available as well.
  • The Maggot Pit - Horde of the Summoned
  • Free Nation - Freedom Isles
  • Jellin Kellon - Jenn-Kellon
  • Pirate NAtion - Mol Rehan

Player Settlements - Setup your own or Join ours!

  • New Map / None yet - Be the first to lay one down!