House Rules

Come Chat with Us

  • Please No Bots/Macros/Script editing
  • Please No trolling or making it impossible for other players to play
  • Besides the above 2 rules, if you can do it in the game we allow it
Teamspeak 3

Server Rundown


  • PvP – except PvE starting spawn
    • We Have one starting area for each Faction
  • Deeds cost silver to start, Upkeep is ON
  • 24/7 Dedicated server with active maintenance staff
  • Community TeamSpeak is free
  • Player driven economy
  • 1x Skill Gain & 1x Action Timers
  • Breeding = Approx 5 days
  • Crop Harvest = 30 minute tick - NO WILTING
  • 4 factions, 4 religions, 5 meditation pathways
  • Characteristic stats start at 20
  • Fighting Skill Starts at 10.0
  • Regular Skills Start at 1.0
  • No Prayer, Meditation Restrictions (Modded - Ask for details)
  • All Priests can cast ALL Spells
  • No Epic Curve
  • Personal Merchants are Allowed - Specific trading area (PvE Zone)
  • Kingdom titles available
  • Player Made Kingdoms - Allowed

Client Mod Listing

  • Wurm Client Mod Launcher - Please download and install:
  • (Not mandatory to login to the server, but required to take advantage of Client side mods only)
    • WurmClientModLauncher
      • Click "" to download the file.
      • Un-Zip these files into your WurmLauncher Directory
      • Run the patcher.bat File
      • This pack will automatically download the server Map File to your client

    Server Mod Listing

  • Server Mod Launcher v0.43 - Base Mod System
  • Add Kingdom Items v1.8 - Enables the creation of kingdom wagons, banners, and flags not normally able to be crafted.
  • Armory v4.1 - Combat & weapon modifications Explained
  • Betterdig v0.9 - digging dirt, clay, sand, or tar falls to ground or cart instead of inventory
  • Betterfarm v1.5 - Skill based advantages for sowing, farming, & harvesting (3x3 @ 50, 5x5 @ 70, & 7x7 @ 90 Skill)
  • Cropmod v0.43 - No Wither, crops stay until they are harvested
  • DeedMod v1.0.0 - Allows players to create a deed without having any coin.
  • DragonRider v1.4 - Allows breedable, rideable, and tameable drakes.
  • Loot Tables v1.0 - Customized Loot tables (Friya) Explained
  • Leaderboard & Titles v1.0
  • Mark and Recall v1.0 - Adds the ability to setup custom portals
  • Map Viewer v0.43 - Downloads our custom map in game stright to your M button
  • Meditate Mod v1.7 - No Limit to meditations per day
  • Mini Pets v1.5 - Explained
  • More Craftables v1.8.0.3 - Allows for the creation of an array of new items previously uncreatable. will update with a list shortly.
  • Move Mod v0.5 - Modified Cart, Wagon, Ship Speeds
  • New Portals v1.3-1 - Easier Travel (See map for designations and locations)
  • Server Tweaks v2.1 - Lots of little settings
  • Sindusk Library v2.2 - Sindusk Base Library for other mods
  • Spellcraft v4.3 - Spell modifications Explained
  • Spellmod v0.43 - Priest modifications
  • TabardMod v1.2 - A mod that allows all kingdom tabards to be crafted and worn by players.
  • Taxidermy v1.8 - You guessed it save your kills for dislpay.
  • Treasure Hunting v2.1 - you get maps and treasure!
  • threedee v0.20 - Allows placement of items on top of other objects.
  • Wyvern Anti-Cheat (Nov 26) - Hiding Hidden Ores from live map and Xray, and countering the advantage of ESP.
  • Wyvern Items v1.0 (Packaged arrows and quiver)
  • WU-AutoAlerts v1.2
  • ***GM and server staff reserve the right to change/modify/update the rules to fit the needs of the server.